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Can't submit after recording

Started by slrd


I have read the list of words multiple times and each time I am unable to submit the word "comma." How can I complete the lexical sets when I can't get past this word?


I, too, get stuck after recording the word "comma." How to progress and complete the full set?


'Comma' is the last word in that list. Thanks very much, slrd and Phoneme.Phreak, for completing the task!

If you wish to do the list again, you should be able to exit the task (e.g. by clicking Projects) and then re-enter. The task should start again from the beginning. Idf that does not work, please let us know here (goes directly to the staff):

We are working on a change that will make it clear when you've completed a task. In the meantime sorry for the confusion and thanks again for contributing!