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Tongue Twisters
Record tongue twisters; identify and classify speech errors in others' recordings.
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She sells sea shells by the sea shore

Difficulties in communication can be an indicator of brain-based disorders such as Autism Spectrum disorder and neurodegenerative disease. One way to better assess and diagnose these disorders is to analyze speech performance errors that may indicate oral-motor difficulties. In order to identify speech performance error patterns in these groups, researchers need extensive data on the speech performance of the population as a whole. You can help researchers by recording yourself reading tongue twisters and by identifying and classifying the types of speech errors made in audio recordings of individuals reading tongue twisters such as "She sells sea shells by the sea shore."

After a critical mass of tongue twisters are recorded, we will add two more tasks to identify and classify any speech errors in those recordings. No need to feel bashful or worry about making errors -- no personal or account identifying information will accompany the public presentation of audio clips!

Please note that in these tasks we do not diagnose participants and we ask that you please not mention any diagnosis you may have received or suspect.